Thieves Steal Nike Goods From Memphis Warehouse

Many have viewed a video of a robbery at a Memphis warehouse that went viral on social media.

In an alarming incident, thieves broke into a Nike warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee, and attempted to steal merchandise worth thousands of dollars. However, the brave employees at the warehouse fought back and managed to thwart the theft.

The news of this incident has sent shockwaves across the city and is being widely discussed on social media, which has been shared numerous times as workers watch and then try to stop them.

thieves broke into a Nike warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee,
thieves broke into a Nike warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee,

Many online asserted that the burglary occurred at a Nike facility, but FOX13 has verified the video’s original location. Friday, just after 9 a.m., I saw a heist at a River Horse Logistics-owned third-party warehouse at the intersection of Lamar and Raines.

The MPD reported that the robbers seized 10 to 20 cartons of Nike clothing, albeit it may not have taken place at a Nike-owned warehouse.

FOX13’s Jack Bilyeu went to the warehouse to determine the value of the stolen goods. Still, management thieves can be seen in the video placing the boxes onto a truck’s rear as it backs up to a loading dock they allegedly broke into, according to MPD.

One of the criminals pulls out a revolver as employees surround the robbers, and one even tries to strike them with a broom.

These crates likely contain six pairs of shoes in total. 12 at times, depending. According to Dominique Worthen, proprietor of Snicker Bar, they are known as cases. And I am only aware of that that I have friends who work for Nike. I was not involved in this robbery in any way.

Worthen founded his Sneaker Bar company around the buying, selling, and mending fine footwear.

He thinks the burglars have already sold the items, perhaps for a considerable profit. Friday’s robbery is a far cry from Memphis’ only sneaker-related crime. On September 10, Nike products worth $800,000 were stolen from followers. Worthne’s shop has been robbed three times since it opened just two years ago.

Worthen said insurance payouts helped him stay afloat after every robbery. Still, some of the lost goods were the shoes of customers he’d been hired to fix, damaging relationships for his business.

“The lights are on in here,” he said. “The lights are still on, still.” Worthen believes River Horse employees should be applauded for trying to stop the thieves and said he’s glad his deal was only ever hit when nobody was inside.

“I hope Nike compensated them, or whatever this company is because they showed a lot of pride and courage in defending their livelihoods,” he said.

Nobody was arrested for the crime.

Those with information are encouraged to contact Crimestoppers at (901) 528-2274 (CASH).

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