Tom Hanks Was Embarrassed By Emily Blunt During A private scene

While filming Charlie Wilson’s War, Emily Blunt remembers having a private scene with Tom Hanks. Continue reading to learn more about it!

In the 2007 film Charlie Wilson’s War, which is based on the fall of the Soviet Union, Tom Hanks and Hollywood actress Emily Blunt teamed up. The movie, an American biographical comedy-drama based on the life of Congressman Charlie Wilson and a CIA agent, was well received by both critics and spectators. But there were some situations that the actress found unsettling.

Tom Hanks Was Embarrassed By Emily Blunt
Tom Hanks Was Embarrassed By Emily Blunt

Charlie Wilson was portrayed in the film as a Texas-based member of the US Congress during the 1980s. While Emily talked about romantic encounters with Tom Hanks, finding out which one gave her a little pause.

Emily Blunt described an intimate scene with Tom Hanks from the movie in an interview with GQ Magazine. She called him “hot” and explained how ashamed he would have been. That was bizarre! And always embarrassing because all anyone can see is you with your tits protruding, with the hope that the lighting is favorable. Some people are comfortable and secure enough to dance about in their underpants, the actress remarked.

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While Tom Hank’s son was her buddy, Emily Blunt continued to discuss the age gap as the conversation progressed. She continues, “I wouldn’t say I was one of those folks,” expanding on her scene. As a result, you simply develop into an expert. But what a gentleman he is. Given that I may be his daughter, perhaps it was strange for him as well. And I have a friendship with his son.

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Emily Blunt was roughly 2 years old when the movie was being made, and Tom Hanks was 51. Despite having a significant age gap, both Hollywood stars performed the scene with professionalism and quality. Please share your thoughts with us.

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