Trunkster Net Worth: What Happened To Trunkster On The Shark Tank Pitch?

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How Much Is Trunkster Net Worth?

In 2015, the startup bag company Trunkster was featured on the hit television program Shark Tank. At the time of their appearance, Trunkster was estimated to be worth $30 million. Sharks Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner helped co-founders Jesse Potash and Gaston Blanchet raise the $1.4 million they were looking for in exchange for a 5% share in their business.

Trunkster Net Worth
Trunkster Net Worth

Cuban and Greiner required, however, that the money they invested to be paid back within two years. Sadly, the agreement apparently collapsed after the program aired, and neither investor is any longer associated with Trunkster.

What Is Trunkster?

Trunkster is not just a bag. The piece of luggage has its own charging station, roll-top design, GPS, and self-contained handle with a digital scale. There are two different designs available. The check-in trunk and the carry-on trunk. One is used to check in at the counter, and the other is to board the plane with.

The construction is strong and robust enough to endure the harsh impacts of travel. With a hard case exterior, it protects and safeguards your priceless goods. When checking your luggage at the counter, the built-in digital scale ensures that you never go over the weight restriction. You may also consider the net worth of famous actor Sergio Ermotti Net Worth.

You can follow your luggage using the GPS (Trunkster tracker module), and the detachable power bank has two USB ports and a charging cable so you can charge your phone or tablet while sitting comfortably. When you get to your destination, you won’t have to deal with any more dead cell phones.

Trunkster Before Entering The Shark Tank

Before going into the tank, Trunkster ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. They started accepting orders on Indiegogo after that campaign was over. Also, they had a strong victory in the 2015 Shopify Build-A-Business Competition, where Daymond John served on the investor panel. Before Shark Tank episode 714 in December 2015, the two businessmen had raised over $1.5 million for their next product. Their initial cargo was scheduled to leave in January 2016.

What Happened To Trunkster At Shark Tank Pitch?

Potash and Blanchet presented their novel suitcase idea to potential investors on Shark Tank in an effort to raise money for the expansion of their product line. Jesse and Gaston offered a 5% ownership in their business for $1.4 million at the presentation, based on a $28 million valuation.

Trunkster Net Worth
Trunkster Net Worth

Some of the Sharks showed doubt despite their demonstration of the outstanding features of their bag. Mr. Wonderful and Robert both questioned the company’s “millennial” strategy during the Shark Tank pitch. Kevin was curious about Trunkster’s valuation, though, and the creators revealed that $2 million worth of goods had already been sold.

Their price strategy was established at $395, 20% less than the industry standard, with 5000 units expected to be shipped the following month as their target. Trunkster anticipated sales of $9 million.

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