Tammy Slaton Net Worth: Who Publicly Boasts Of Their Weight Loss Progress?

Supporters of 1000-lb Sisters frequently express concern about Tammy Slaton’s well-being. She seems to be doing well for herself financially, though. Some fans are curious about Tammy’s source of income. It is obvious that Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton are paid by the show to appear on it. Yet you must believe Tammy earns money in other ways.  What’s her net worth? Let us discuss this below.

What Is Tammy Slaton’s Net Worth And How Does She Make Money?

Tammy’s estimated net worth is $100,000, according to numerous publications. It is hypothesized that she makes less money since she has a lower YouTube audience than Amy, who has close to 150,000 subscribers.

Tammy has participated in three seasons of the program, just like her sibling. At the episode’s conclusion in January 2022, their brother Chris Combs even gave a significant update on Tammy’s weight-loss progress, saying that she had shed 115 pounds while she was away in a nursing home rehabilitation center.

Tammy Slaton Net Worth
Tammy Slaton Net Worth

Amy praised her sister’s accomplishment, saying, “I’m delighted Tammy is finally getting the care she needs.” I merely desired the best for each of my siblings.

Tammy was famously married while she was receiving treatment. The upcoming season of the show will include a scene from her marriage to husband Caleb Willingham, which will take place in November 2022.

What Happened To Tammy?

Fans are very concerned for Tammy’s well-being. She published many Instagram posts that appeared to be from a hospital.

She appeared to be connected to the machines in one post. Tammy hasn’t included any captions to any of her posts, and she hasn’t answered any of her fans’ comments either.

Tammy appeared to be in excellent spirits as she took numerous pictures of her face.

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss Is Inspiring

Chris revealed on the season 3 finale that the Dixon, Kentucky, resident had shed 115 pounds in just 30 days, even gushing over her success. He was pleased with Tammy’s development, saying, “I’m happy that she’s ready to board this train and start rolling down the rails.” After having a tracheotomy after being hospitalized in November 2021, when doctors discovered she had carbon monoxide poisoning, Tammy still has her trach tube in.

Tammy Slaton Net Worth
Tammy Slaton Net Worth

She posted an update on social media saying, “When I got off life support, they put a trach in, so, yeah.” “I’m trying to adjust to that,” she said. After almost four years of marriage, Amy’s husband, Mike Halterman, filed for divorce in March 2023.

Some ‘1,000-lb Sisters’ Fans Believe That TLC Is ‘exploiting’ Tammy

Some 1,000-lb Sisters fans were dismayed to see that Tammy and Amy are only receiving a few thousand per episode and feel that TLC is taking advantage of them. “The network really is exploiting them and making a fortune on the show,” one admirer remarked. I find it incredibly frustrating that they have not received more criticism for this.

In agreement with the Reddit poster, another admirer suggested that TLC CEO Matt Sharp “do better.” Another supporter remarked This is TLC. Bravo, not. The notoriously low-paying TLC is notorious for this. Making the cast wealthy is not in their best interests. The fan continued by saying that living in poverty and lacking sufficient funds heightens and amplifies the drama.

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