Tyre Nichols’ Beating Was Not Motivated By An Officer

As per Business Insider: Speculation on social media that Tyre Nichols’ beating was motivated by an officer’s personal animosity towards him has been refuted by civil rights lawyer Ben Crump. Here is a video of Tyre Nicholas’s killers plead not guilty given below-

An unconfirmed Twitter tweet stated there was a personal link between Nichols and the ex-wife or girlfriend of Demetrius Haley, one of the police after five Memphis cops were fired and charged with murder in connection with the beating of Nichols.

According to the actor and activist Sir Maejor’s article, the reason for the beating was not ordinary police violence but rather Haley’s personal beef with Nichols. Online, it was widely shared.

Tyre Nichols' Beating Was Not Motivated By An Officer
Tyre Nichols’ Beating Was Not Motivated By An Officer

In fact, the rumor spread so widely that the Shelby County district attorney’s office was compelled to respond to a Newsweek inquiry about it and state that the allegations were being looked into.

Former policemen Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin Smith entered not-guilty pleas on Friday in relation to allegations of murder and other offenses. Crump, the attorney for Nichols’ family, told reporters following the arraignment that the allegation is “bogus.”

According to a department report obtained by Insider, after Nichols was assaulted, then-officer Haley snapped pictures of his battered body as it lay bloodied on the ground and shared them with a citizen.

Sir Maejor claimed in an unconfirmed tweet that Haley had sent his ex-girlfriend a picture.

We are aware that pictures were taken, according to Crump. They were unrelated to the “rumors that are out there in the social media world,” he claimed.

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On the steps of the city’s Criminal Justice Center, Crump continued, “The family is struggling with enough, outside of these rumors.

Footage from a traffic check on January 7 shows the officers hitting Nichols, 29, viciously within a short distance of the street. He died in the hospital three days later, prompting national police brutality protests in his honor.

The department’s “SCORPION unit,” of which the five policemen were all a part, was disbanded within 21 days after they were dismissed, charged with murder, and fired.

Move ahead and go for the tweet given:

Preston Hemphill, another cop who was not present when the beating occurred but who did stun Nichols after the original stop, was also fired. Charges were brought against other officers by the department itself.

56 cops made comprised the SCORPION squad, the department’s organized crime task team, according to a list that Insider was able to get.

Due to the family’s harassment over the social media rumor, Crump claimed on Friday that he was speaking out.

“In Memphis, this SCORPION unit often subjected Black persons to such treatment. That’s all,” Crump declared on Friday. “We don’t have to leave  further than that.”


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