Vanessa Lachey Love Is Blind: Cameron Hamilton Takes An Indirect Dig At Vanessa!

Vanessa Lachey, the host of Love Is Blind, made news a few days ago when she quizzed the couples on their babies during their reunion. She faced intense outrage after making the candidates feel awkward by inquiring about their pregn@ncy plans. While the reunion did provide us with some wonderful and enjoyable moments, some of Vanessa’s remarks disappointed the viewers. Cameron Hamilton, a former cast member of the show, has now commented on the ongoing Vanessa-related turmoil.

Love Is Blind fame Cameron Hamilton Takes An Indirect Dig At Vanessa Lachey

“As a community, can we agree that it’s always inappropriate to ask couples when they are having a baby?,” said Cameron Hamilton in a video that he posted to his Instagram account. because you have no idea what married couples go through on a daily basis. They might not be prepared to have children. They might be experiencing trouble getting pregn@nt. They can be dealing with other issues in their lives that make having a child challenging.

Vanessa Lachey Love Is Blind
Vanessa Lachey Love Is Blind

Hamilton married Lauren Speed while he was a cast member of Love Is Blind’s first season. Fans assumed the video was for Vanessa after he posted it, but Cameron clarified in the comments section. He claimed that his “message was not aimed at a specific person” and that it was rather motivated by his own encounter with the problem. Also, go for Paul’s Love Is Blind New Girlfriend: Did Micah And Paul Date After The Wedding?

Nick and Vanessa Lachey as hosts of Love is Blind and are set to replace them with Lauren $ Cameron-

What Did Vanessa Lachey Say At The Love Is Blind Reunion?

A clip of former participant Bartise Bowden holding his infant son Hayden was played on the show’s opening credits by Vanessa Lachey. Regarding the video, she made the following comment: “Okay, seriously, if that doesn’t make your ovaries burn… I don’t know; I just really want a number four. I must know who will be the parent of our first Love Is Blind child. Since it would be TMI to inquire about your efforts when you’re obviously close, I won’t.

When Vanessa asked Brett and Tiffany Brown about their family plans, Brett joked, “I was just about to make a joke, like Jesus, you’ll really put the baby pressure… My god.”

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