Warzone Season 2 Release Date, Ashika Island Map, Loot Changes And More

While the significant update for Warzone Season 2 has been postponed, we have an early preview of everything that will be released as part of the upcoming content drop. Here is everything you need to know about the new Ashika Island Resurgence map, extra weapons, and more.

The Warzone 2 devs promised significant adjustments to the battle royale in Season 2 in response to fan criticism. There is a lot to be excited about as a Warzone 2 fan, including a Resurgence-style map, customizable perks, 1v1 Gulag matches, and looting adjustments. On January 25, Activision published a lengthy blog post outlining “some of” the improvements coming in Season 2.

Thus, check back before the next content drop, and brush up on all there is to know thus far about Warzone Season 2 release date.

The Release Date For Warzone Season 2

The official release date for Warzone  Season 2 is Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Activision revealed that the update would now be released on February 15 instead of the initial target date of February 1. This results in a two-week extension of Season 1.

Warzone Season 2 Release Date
Warzone Season 2 Release Date

As new updates often go up at roughly 10 AM PT, fans may anticipate the same thing with Season 2 when the time comes.

In Warzone 2 Season 2, A New Ashika Island Resurgence map Will Be Released.

Following early leaks, Activision has since confirmed that a smaller battle royale area is planned to be released as part of the Season 2 update. It is officially confirmed that Warzone 2 Season 2 will include a map in the Resurgence style.

Ashika Island, a compact design created from scratch for quick-paced Resurgence gaming, is on the way. Few POIs spread out across the country encouraged close-quarters warfare for quick games.

To put you in the know, the following details on each POI are provided:

  • Tsuki Castle
  • Town Center
  • Beach Club
  • Port Ashika
  • Shipwreck
  • Residential
  • Oganikku Farms

Changes To The Looting And Gulag Systems In Warzone 2 Season 2

In specific ways, Warzone 2 modified the traditional Gulag from 1v1 to 2v2 to promote the brand-new proximity chat element. Participants in the Gulag could work with the other side to take out the Jailer and resurrect all four players or strategize with their random teammates using proximity chat.

Community members criticized teaming with arbitrary players and sought the return of Gulag from Warzone 1.

“1v1’s are returning in Battle Royale,” raven software said on January 19

Price Modifications At The Cash & Buy Stations In Season 2

Players of Warzone 2 have complained about the high loadout costs and the difficulty in finding currency that may be looted.

According to a statement from Raven Software, “Battle Royale now has more lootable cash available, and pricing is getting balanced to offer you more bang for your buck.”

It is challenging to repurchase teammates with little money or to buy expensive stuff from buy stations. The only reliable method of earning money in the later levels of the game is looting enemy bodies; however, completing contracts always offers a chance to do so.

Activision raised the lowest value of the cash piles from ground loot to $800 and from cash registers to $500. At buy stations, primary weapons and loadout drop grenade costs are also reduced, but the developers did not specify a new price.

Individualized Perk Packages

In Season 2, users can modify their own Warzone 2 Perks. Activision stated that “this functionality will launch with a somewhat decreased pool of available Perks” in the blog post.

Warzone Season 2 Release Date
Warzone Season 2 Release Date

Keeping the game’s overall balance in mind, the creators intend to reintroduce perks gradually.


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