What Is The Dupe Trend On Tiktok.. Did Everyone Like It?

Generally speaking, items trend on TikTok because they are well-liked by at least some of the platform’s users. Other trends are significantly more polarising and frequently generate more ire on the platform than they may be worth, while some are widely accepted because most people find them amusing.

The dupe trend, which is upsetting many users and spreading swiftly on TikTok, fits this description. What’s going on, then?

What Is The Meaning Of The Dupe Trend?

Finding hilarious dupes for things wherever they go, some people are poking fun at the original fad. Many individuals are becoming a little annoyed with their pronunciation, even though it’s all in good fun. The term “doop” has the same meaning as “dupe,” but it’s pronounced somewhat differently and is intended to make fun of the dupe phenomena.

What Is The Dupe Trend On Tiktok
What Is The Dupe Trend On Tiktok

The dupe fad is merely intended to be a little bit of fun, and soon everything turns into a small amount of a TikTok meme. That hasn’t stopped some individuals from becoming a little frustrated with it, though.

“What purpose does this trend serve?” Not a fan of the doop trend, one person commented.

Another person who also thought the trend wasn’t humorous said, “This has got to be the least funny fad ever.

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What Is The Dupe Trend On Tiktok?

The dupe trend’s roots are somewhat convoluted. The initial focus of the movement was on fashionistas who were scoring huge savings by thrifting and looking for less expensive replicas of higher-end apparel and cosmetics. These discoveries, known as dupes (short for duplicates), presented a low-cost option for individuals to dress stylishly. They appear to be an exact imitation of a well-liked and pricey item.

However, in more recent times, this tendency has changed into a parody, with TikTok users adopting the term “dupe” (or “doop”) as a joke to characterize people who resemble “cheaper” versions of other people or objects that can’t actually replace what they’re trying to “dupe.” So, for example, you might see someone in the comments of a video call someone an “Alix Earle dupe” or call bacon-flavored dog treats a “bacon dupe.” Many people do not like this dupe trend, let us read more about them.

People dislike the dupe trend

Many individuals online don’t seem the least interested in the fad, despite the fact that the users posting the videos obviously think it entertaining.

What Is The Dupe Trend On Tiktok
What Is The Dupe Trend On Tiktok

“In all of TikTok’s history, the “dupe” trend is by far the poorest and least amusing trend. I detest it “One individual wrote.

Another person commented, “I watched a TikTok of a girl in Louisville posing for photos downtown and she was referring to the skyscrapers she was utilizing as the backdrop as her ‘NYC dupe,’ and I think about it a lot.

Final Lines

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