What Is The F74 Trend On TikTok? Is This Trend Real?

There are many trends on TikTok, from safe beauty advice to risky challenges that professionals frequently advise against. While some trends, like the “angel cut with layers” suggestion, are unexpectedly helpful, others exist just to terrify users online.

The most recent spooky craze to take off on the social media platform makes the promise that it can take users to another realm while they sleep. Here is all the information you require.

What Is The Meaning Of The F74 Trend On TikTok?

The F47 or Floor 47 fad on TikTok promises to transport you to a parallel universe in your dreams, and if you can’t get out, you’ll allegedly be trapped there permanently.

Many users have pointed out that the challenge’s findings aren’t as accurate as they claim to be, and that after it was over they returned to their regular lifestyles.

What Is The F74 Trend On TikTok
What Is The F74 Trend On TikTok

Some people have been able to comprehend it better by explaining lucid dreaming and how the technique relates to the 74 problems.

How To Complete The TikTok F74 Challenge?

Before you go to sleep, you must use a red marker to scribble F74 on your wrist in order to participate. The challenge states that after some time, you will awaken in a lengthy, dark hallway with numerous doors in your dream.

Also rumored to follow you are eerie sounds, but you are not allowed to turn around to listen. The F74 will only be written on one door, and you must enter it to end the nightmare and return to your normal state of consciousness when you awaken.

You will be taken inside a white chamber with no way out if you can’t find the door within 10 hours. Despite your best efforts, you will not be able to escape from this room.

As horrifying as the F74 challenge sounds, many users suggested it’s bogus, as they’ve woken up to their normal lives at the end of the challenge.

Is The F74 TikTok Trend Real?

Even though the F74 task seems terrifying, many people have dismissed it, claiming that after completing it, they returned to their normal lives.

What Is The F74 Trend On TikTok
What Is The F74 Trend On TikTok

The 690452 Challenge Is Very Similar To TikTok Trend

The 690452 challenge asserts that a person can hop between reality and a dream, just like the Floor 74 trend does. Although its origin is unknown, Urban Dictionary provides an explanation of what it means.

According to the website, if you put 690452 on your wrist before going to sleep, “you’ll be in another dimension/parallel universe.” You’ll have strange dreams about things like encountering a demon, a tall, dark man who is just staring at you, and rushing through a dark highway or tunnel.

Although the aforementioned trends have become quite popular on social media, their veracity has always been questioned, therefore proceed with caution when considering this “trend.”

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