Where Is Alex Murdaugh Now? The Former South Carolina Lawyer Is Under Investigation

During the past few years, the nation’s interest has been riveted by the mysterious rise and fall of formerly well-known attorney Alex Murdaugh and his family. The former attorney has been accused of everything from murder to drug abuse to stealing.

In Hampton, South Carolina, Alex’s great-grandfather established a law company with numerous attorneys working there more than a century ago. Before his entire life was broken, Alex joined the firm as a staff attorney and eventually rose to the position of partner.
Alex’s wife, Maggie, and their youngest son, Paul, were shot and killed on June 7, 2021, at the large home the family-owned in Hampton.

The horrifying tragedy went unsolved, bringing intense scrutiny to every aspect of Alex’s life. According to reports, Alex was shot by a former customer in the months that followed. But, according to a source from Yahoo News, the shooting was merely a plot to give his surviving son Buster Murdaugh $10 million from his life insurance policy.

From that point forward, Alex Murdaugh’s controversy would only increase. He was sent to drug rehab after being freed from jail on a $20,000 bail. He would later be detained in connection with the enigmatic 2018 death of his housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, the New York Post reported in 2021.

Where Is Alex Murdaugh Now
Where Is Alex Murdaugh Now

This, along with a probe into his alleged multimillion-dollar embezzlement, results in a true laundry list of criminal accusations. Next, we are going to talk about Where is Alex Murdaugh now in 2023?

Where Is Alex Murdaugh Now?

Alex Murdaugh, who believed the murderer was still at large, entered a “not guilty” plea in July 2022 in relation to the killings of his wife and youngest son. According to Bustle, his trial is currently taking place in South Carolina, where he could receive a sentence of up to life in prison without the possibility of release.

Although it is uncertain if the death penalty is now being considered for his charges, it is possible. He was being held in Richland County Jail on a $7 million bond as he awaited his trial.

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On January 23, 2023, of this year, Alex’s trial started in earnest after the jury selection procedure. According to NPR, the trial is taking place in Walterboro, South Carolina, at the Colleton County Courthouse. Although he is currently facing charges of murder, it is unclear whether or not he will also be tried for his other crimes in the future.

Where Is Alex Murdaugh Now
Where Is Alex Murdaugh Now

The trial is anticipated to go through February 10, according to NPR:

For the Murdaugh family, who have been prosecuting lawyers for coastal South Carolina for generations, this weeks-long trial marks the end of an era. The family’s long-standing history has been publically destroyed over the last few years as more of Alex’s crimes have come to light. Regardless matter how the trial turns out, the Murdaugh family’s situation has already changed forever.

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