How Did The White Lotus Season 1 End? What Caused Armand’s Death In This Season?

The White Lotus is an HBO anthology dark comedy-drama television series that was produced by Mike White. It follows the visitors and staff of the fictitious White Lotus resort chain, whose varied mental disorders have an impact on their ability to enjoy their stay. In Sicily for the second season and Hawaii for the first.

The White Lotus, a six-part limited series, debuted on July 11, 2021, to positive reviews and solid viewership. Due to the program’s popularity, HBO decided to continue it as an anthology series; the second season debuted on October 30, 2022. A third season of the show was ordered in November 2022.

The series received a positive critical response. It was included on the American Film Institute’s list of the ten best programs of 2021 and 2022 and received various accolades including ten Primetime Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globes.

How Did The White Lotus’ First Season End?

A dead body is being put aboard the plane while the pilot of The White Lotus, one of our guests named Shane (Jake Lacy), looks bitter and alone without his new bride. The subsequent six episodes see us watching swirling social dynamics spiral out of control before coming to a dramatic (and fatal) conclusion.

White Lotus Season 1
White Lotus Season 1

By episode six, both our visitors and staff members had almost entirely lost control. Armond, the resort manager, is on a high from Sydney Sweeney Olivia’s supply and has escalated his passive-aggressive conflict with corny himbo Shane. As a new trophy wife, Shane’s new bride Rachel is at the height of her identity crisis. Belinda wants to build a wellness empire with the help of flighty, unreliable Tanya. And resort worker, Hawaiian native, and Paula’s vacation fling Kai has been caught trying to rob the Mossbachers.

Season 1 finishes like this: Despite Rachel telling Shane she regrets marrying him, she decides to stay with him and joins him at the airport. By informing a travel agent about the Mossbachers’ crime on the last day of his honeymoon, Shane manages to get Armond fired. In order to leave his mark in Shane’s bag, Armond spends his final day going high like never before and sneaks into his room.

When Shane enters the room again, he stabs him out of the blue because he believes he is an intruder. Therefore, Armond, the loving, occasionally nasty, insane resort manager, is the one who was found dead at the beginning of the season. Quinn Mossbach escapes the airport to join a group of Hawaiian surfers as the Mossbachs board the plane, and the season concludes fairly romantically as Quinn floats towards the setting sun without his iPad.

What Will Season 2 Bring?

The White Lotus is welcoming a new group of residents for Season 2, with the exception of Tanya McQuoid, played by Jennifer Coolidge, a devoted White Lotus supporter. Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, Theo James, and Meghann Fahy are among the new visitors.

Similar to how the pilot ended, the second season opens on a new boat with guests coming and cuts to a dead body in the future. The new season has already garnered rave reviews from critics, who particularly praised Aubrey’s performance.

The White Lotus’ second season, which will have fresh episodes broadcast every week, will begin on HBO Max on October 30.

What Led To Armond’s Death In The White Lotus?

The conclusion of White Lotus season 1 clarified why Armond had to die, driving home the show’s themes of classism. With the anonymous “human remains” box and the constant voiceover asking, “Where’s your wife?” White builds suspense right away.

White Lotus Season 1
White Lotus Season 1

With this in place, the spectator wonders for the following six episodes as to who would be found in that box before discovering it to be Armond, who stands in for the agony of working in hospitality and catering to the shallow whims of the carelessly wealthy. With the double reservation of the Pineapple Suite, his doom was sealed, but it had only just begun.

Cast Of White Lotus Season 1

  • Murray Bartlett is Armond, the manager of the White Lotus resort and a recovering drug addict who has been sober for five years.
  • Connie Britton as Nicole Mossbacher, a CFO of a search engine company.
  • Jennifer Coolidge is Tanya McQuoid, a rich, needy, and self-absorbed woman whose mother recently died and who seeks inner peace and discovery.
  • Alexandra Daddario as Rachel Patton, a newlywed struggling journalist who does clickbait gigs.
  • Fred Hechinger as Quinn Mossbacher, Nicole and Mark’s socially awkward, screen-addicted teenage son.
  • Jake Lacy is Shane Patton, Rachel’s husband, who is a demanding and entitled wealthy real estate agent.
  • Brittany O’Grady as Paula, Olivia’s less privileged but equally caustic mixed-race friend from college.
  • Natasha Rothwell is Belinda Lindsey, the resort’s kind and empathetic spa manager, who develops a complicated relationship with Tanya.
  • Molly Shannon is Kitty Patton, Shane’s overbearing mother, who pays for his honeymoon and makes a less-than-welcome unannounced visit.
  • Sydney Sweeney as Olivia Mossbacher, Nicole and Mark’s sardonic daughter who is a college sophomore.
  • Steve Zahn as Mark Mossbacher, Nicole’s husband is dealing with a health crisis. You can also go for Every Knocked Up Cast Gave Their Best Performance!

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