Who Is Gangsta Boo: How Rich Is She?

Who Is Gangsta Boo: Who Is She? The second woman to join the Memphis-based hip-hop collective Three 6 Mafia was American rapper Lola Chantrelle Mitchell, better known by her stage name Gangsta Boo. Concerns with the promotion She then issued mixtapes with musicians including La Chat and Yelawolf and various solo albums.

Later in life, she worked with musicians like Run the Jewels, GloRilla, Eminem, and the lotto. Gangsta Boo, also known as Lola C. Mitchell, gained notoriety as a member of the well-known Memphis rap group “Three 6 Mafia,” better known by her stage moniker rapper. Mitchell was a pioneering female member of the Three 6 Mafia, a well-known hip-hop group. Boo departed the group in 2006 because of financial issues and subsequently recorded the singles “Where Dem Dollas At!

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Gangsta Boo Net Worth

Gangsta Boo has an estimated net worth of $8 million. She made her money from a career as a musician and songwriter.

Rapper Gangsta Boo, former member of Three 6 Mafia, dead at 43. | EW.com
Who Is Gangsta Boo?

Early Life Of Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo, also known as Lola C. Mitchell, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1979. Her birthday is on August 7, making her 43 years old when she passed away. She had a mixed heritage and was an American citizen of African descent. Leo was her sun sign at birth. However, information about her academic background was never made public.

Gangsta Boo Of Three 6 Mafia Has Died
Who Is Gangsta Boo?

Gangsta Boo De@th Cause

Gangsta Boo De@th Cause: A 43-year-old MEMPHIS rapper Lola Mitchell, also known as Gangsta Boo, was a member of the group Three 6 Mafia has reportedly d!ed.

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Career Of Gangsta Boo

When Gangsta Boo hooked up with Paul, Juicy J, and other rap group founders like Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, and others in the 1990s, her career really got going. Despite being one of the crew’s only female rappers, Gangsta Boo managed to hold her own and carve out a niche for herself for a long time.
Three 6 Mafia’s first five studio albums, including their 1995 debut album “Mystic Stylez,” featured Gangsta as a featured artist. Besides, “Chapter 1,” “When the Smoke Clears,” and even the album “Choices,” which served as the group’s official soundtrack, she was also a featured musician on other important works.

Gangsta Boo Career in the 200s

Gangsta Boo had a successful career after leaving Three 6 in the early 2000s. He released numerous mixtapes throughout the remaining acts and into the 2010s and a second solo studio album. This does not include the countless features she has been a part of, working with rap titans like Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, OutKast, E-40, T.I., The Game, and others.

She continued to rap throughout the 2020s, frequently collaborating with K!ller Mike and El-P in the hip-hop collective Run The Jewels. Gangsta Boo kept working with other media outlets, like UPROXX and others, to release songs.
de@th factor

It appears that drug use contributed to the rapper’s passing. According to accounts, last night, Gangsta went to a local event in Memphis with her brother. At some point throughout the evening, though, her brother reportedly started to overdose, necessitating hospitalization.

The people who saw Gangsta Boo’s murder scene are confident that narcotics were detected on her person and that a fantail-laced substance is believed to be the perpetrator, according to our sources, even if he recovered. Our information is that the police have started a formal investigation.

Personal Life Of Gangsta Boo And Her Marital Status

Gangsta Boo had a wife? The late rapper Gangsta Boo, 43, didn’t get married. Thus she didn’t have a husband. She did have a romance with the rapper Emmet Flores, though. Since 2014, they have been d@ting. Emmet is best known for being the podcast’s host, “Kush and Chemtrails.”

Final Lines: According to Celebrity Gangsta Boo her Net Worth Is Estimated at $8 million. Please share your views in the comment section and stay connected with our website trending-news.org for more such Celebrity news.


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