Who Is George Santos And Why He’s Being Investigated?

George Santos, an American politician, has served as the 3rd congressional district’s representative in New York Since 2022. He is a Republican who made his first run for the US House of Representatives in 2020 against Thomas Suozzi, a Democrat. George Santos’ net worth is projected to be around $11 million as of 2023. If you want to know about George Santos Then you have landed on a perfect page. this page contains information like Who is George Santos and his net worth, Career, personal life, and many more.

Who Is George Santos? And His Early Life

George Santos is a New York-based republican party member. In 2022, he was chosen to represent the 3rd Congressional District of New York. Santos was born in Queens, New York, on July 22, 1988. He asserted that during World War II, his maternal grandparents, who were originally from Ukraine, fled to Belgium and later settled in Brazil in order to avoid the Holocaust.

But according to the documents, his relatives had been residing in Brazil for three generations. There is no proof that his maternal grandparents survived the Holocaust or had ties to Ukraine. George holds a diploma equivalent to a high school diploma. He attended Horace Mann, a prestigious prep school. Due to his parents’ dire financial situation, he was forced to leave school during his final year.

His mother had a difficult financial situation when she worked. While employed in the South Tower of the World Trade Center, she survived the September 11 attacks. Santos asserted that he had degrees from Baruch College and New York University, however, this was ultimately shown to be untrue.

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George Santos Career

At first, George Santos worked as a call center customer service agent. He even lied at the time, saying he came from a wealthy family and had property in the US and Brazil. Santos asserted that in 2019, he worked for LinkBridge Investors and MetGlobal. He also rose to the position of vice president at LinkBridge Investors, according to his campaign disclosure form.

Later on, Santos rose to the position of regional director at Florida-based Harbor City Capital. George even claimed that Devoldeer was a consultancy company for the capital introduction. In 2022, the corporation was liquidated because it had stopped submitting annual reports.

He ultimately defeated Zimmer in the November 2022 election by about 8% points. He joined the other numerous newly elected House Republicans who attended a Manhattan gala hosted by the New York Young Republican Club after the election.

What’s George Santos’s Net Worth

George Santos expects his net worth to reach about $11 million. His personal bank accounts hold between $1 and $5 million in his own wealth. Prior to selling one of his Long Island properties for about $10 million, Santos claimed to have owned two of them. But there was no relationship to the real estate he said he owned.

George Santos’s Personal Life

Throughout his congressional campaign, George Santos made statements about his sexual orientation and his marriage. He claimed to be wed to Uadla Vieira, a native of Brazil, till 2019. Records show that the couple wed in 2012. However, after being charged with lying about his college degree and professional background, he chose not to disclose his divorce from his ex-wife.

In addition, he made up for his family’s escape from the Holocaust. Santos went on to say that he was married to his pharmacist husband throughout the 2022 election cycle. Despite what he said, there is no evidence that he has ever been married to a pharmacist.

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Recent Controversy About George Santos

Rep. George Santos, R-New York, was just elected and is now dealing with a number of issues, including charges that he falsified his resume, the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death, his campaign’s financial reporting, and theft from a fundraising effort for a sick dog.

George Santos Controversy
George Santos Controversy

Even as he was sworn into a position in the House of Representatives, he admitted to lying about his school background and employment history, but he has refuted most of the other claims. Regarding all these alleged frauds multiple investigations are taking place such as.

  • State investigations
  • Federal investigation
  • Calls for campaign finance investigations
  • Revived criminal allegations in Brazil

His resignation has been repeatedly called for, and there have been at least three investigations and requests for more. Santos, 34, has stated repeatedly that he will not leave his position in Congress, but he did leave his positions on House committees.

The information provided above regarding the controversies is taken from “Yahoo News”

Conclusion: George Santos, an American politician, has served as the 3rd congressional district’s representative in New York Since 2022. claiming to have a Net Worth of $11 million.  Currently, Santos is facing many controversies, he is accused of lying about many claims he did. And as of the time writing this article, many investigations are going on against him.


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