Who Is Lisa Loring? Her Biography, Net Worth, Relationships And More

Lisa Loring was an American actress. On January 28, 2023, the American actress passed away at the age of 64 years. She had a Net Worth of $500 thousand. In this post, we’ll tell you who Lisa Loring is and everything related to Lisa Loring.

In the Marshall Islands’ Kwajalein, where her parents were serving in the US Navy, Lisa Loring was born. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she started her modeling career at three. Later, she began working in movies and television. When she was 16 years old, her mother passed away.

She is most known for playing the original Wednesday Addams on “The Addams Family” on television. She has additionally appeared in several other films and television shows. She took a few years off from working in front of the camera and worked as a cosmetics artist in its place. She had two kids and she was married more than once.

Reason Behind Lisa Loring Death

Loring had “suffered a huge stroke brought on by smoking and high blood pressure,” the novelist Laurie Jacobson posted on Facebook. Loring had been on life support for three days before her family decided to turn it off over the weekend. She also tweeted about Lisa from her official tweeter Handle.

Lisa Loring Early Life And Career

The actress got her start in acting when she was young. She began modeling at the young age of 3 and even appeared on the Dr. Kildare television program. When she was chosen to play Wednesday Addams in the television series The Addams Family, she experienced success. The youngest child of Morticia and Gomez, Wednesday Addams, is a six-year-old who is well-known for having long braids in her hair.

The Addams Family actress Lisa Loring’s on-screen persona was unorthodox because she had a headless Marie Antoinette doll and a spider for a favorite toy. Additionally, her character would paint drawings, including one of the trees with human heads, and compose songs for her favorite pet spider, Homer.

Lisa Loring Career
Lisa Loring Career

From 1964 through 1966, the actress would go on to appear in The Addams Family. She also provided the voice of Wednesday Addams in a cartoon adaptation of the same program. The attractive actress quit performing when she was 17 and didn’t appear in any TV series or motion pictures again until. She reappeared in the 1980 racy movie Sadie, an adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s Rain. She would appear in cheap horror movies like Blood Frenzy and Blizzard of Blood.

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How Much Money Lisa Loring Had?

Lisa Loring had a Net Worth of $500 thousand at the time of her passing. At 64, Lisa Loring passed away on January 28, 2023. In the Marshall Islands’ Kwajalein, where her parents were serving in the US Navy, Lisa Loring was born. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she started her modeling career at three. Later, she began working in movies and television.

Personal Life Of Lisa Loring

She has had four divorces. Her childhood sweetheart, Farrell Foumberg, was the man she wed for the first time when she was only 15. They were wed on March 10th, 1973, but got divorced the following year. Vanessa Foumberg, the child of the marriage, was born in 1974. The actress wed Doug Stevenson, an actor who portrayed the young king in the 1981 blockbuster The Prowler, seven years later.

Lisa Loring Personal Life
Lisa Loring’s Personal Life

After having a daughter named Marianne Stevenson, the couple eventually got divorced in 1983. She met Paul David Seiderman, an adult film actor best known by his stage name Jerry Butler, in 1987 while working as a makeup artist on Traci’s Big Trick set. August of that year saw the couple’s marriage. In 1992, the couple got a divorce.

The actress wed Graham Rich in 2003. However, they parted ways in 2008. Six years after their separation, in 2014, the couple reached a divorce settlement. Apart from her relationships, she had it rough in many ways The actress struggled for years after leaving The Addams Family because of her role.

Lisa had a rough life from a very young age. She became pregnant when she was 16 years old, and she later lost her mother, Judith, in 1974 when she was 34 years old due to complications from persistent drinking. She started using heroin with pals while married to her former spouse Jerry Butler. The actress would later come across a friend’s dead body after she had hanged herself.

She overdosed on several narcotics before committing suicide by hanging. As she decided to enroll in a recovery facility, this would mark a turning point in her life. Lisa Loring finished her therapy in 1992 and has been sober ever since.

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Conclusion: Lisa Loring was an American actress. she is best known as The Addams Family actress. Unfortunately, the actress passed away at the age of 64 years, on January 28, 2023.  According to “CelebirtyNetworth” at the time of her passing, Lisa had a net worth of $500 thousand. Loring had a tough life but she confronted every obstacle that came her way.


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