Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To: Is She Currently D@ting Someone?

Pamela Denise Anderson, a Canadian-American actress, model, and media personality, was born on July 1, 1967. Her appearances on the television show Baywatch and her glamour modeling job in Playboy magazine have made her the most well-known (1992–1997). Now we read about the first married partner of Pamela.

Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To?

Buckle up because their story will soon play a significant part in the Netflix documentary. According to Us Weekly, Pamela and Tommy Lee met in December 1994. They managed to flee after a month and a half and eventually got married 96 hours after arriving in Cancun, Mexico.

Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To
Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To

An electrician stole a s*x tape from Lee’s home when the duo got back to California, starting the epic story on which Pam & Tommy is based. Before divorcing in 1998, the couple later had two kids, Brandon and Dylan.

Pamela said on a 20/20 program in 2014, “Not being able to do anything… about [the tape] was adding so much aggravation and stress to our relationship.” It simply consumed us.

She writes in her book, “The divorce with Tommy was the toughest, lowest, most terrible period of my life.” “I was devastated. Still, I struggled to accept that the person I cared about the most was capable of what had occurred that evening. While we were both in shock, I had to look out for my little children.”

Pamela now claims that she and Tommy “check-in in every so often,” and she further states that she is “forever thankful” to Tommy for being the father of her children. Continue reading with us to know how many times Pamela wed in the below discussion.

Pamela Anderson Married Kid Rock In The Early 2000s

According to ABC News, Pamela dated Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg during the summer of 2000. Eventually, the couple became engaged, but according to Us Weekly, they split up in 2001.

Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To
Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To

She soon began d@ting rapper and singer Kid Rock. In 2002, they became engaged. However, they later broke up. Then, in July of the following year, three years later, they exchanged legal vows on a yacht close to Saint-Tropez, France.

According to Us Weekly, Pamela filed for divorce later that fall, just 17 days after publicly recognizing her loss.

According to a story at the time from the New York Post through CBS, Pamela’s participation in Sacha Baron Cohen’s parody documentary film Borat may have contributed to some early conflict between the pair. A source informed the magazine that Kid Rock “didn’t like it” and began yelling at Pam during a private viewing of the movie.

Pamela Wed Her Third Husband, A Seasoned Poker Player, In 2007

After that, Pamela wed film producer and professional poker player, Rick Salomon. The pair were married in October 2007 and divorced in December. In 2008, their union was formally dissolved.

Tommy Lee revealed to Rolling Stone later that year that Pamela and the boys had returned to live with him. “Man, that’s fantastic. It’s undoubtedly effective. The children’s faces show that they are content when we are together “said he. “We’ve only given it a try 800 times — 801, here we go.”

Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To
Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To

However, the pair called off their reconciliation permanently in 2010, Us Weekly reported.

Pamela and Rick reconciled in 2013 and later wed again in 2014. They once more called it off that summer before re-filing for divorce in 2015. “He’s too sweet for her, and she’s not sure what she wants. She enjoys shady guys, “At the time, a source informed Us Weekly.

After that, according to TMZ, Pamela filed a restraining order against Rick, which caused a tumultuous situation between the two. Pamela said in court docs acquired by TMZ that Rick tried to choke her and suffocate her with a pillow while they were having intercourse, despite his claims that she had multiple abortions.

She Wed Her Fourth Spouse, Whom She Had First Met In The 1980s, In 2020

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in a private ceremony, Pamela, 52, wed producer Jon Peters, 74, on January 20, 2020. The couple wed after rekindling their affection shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak started after d@ting for more than 30 years.

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Beautiful girls can be found everywhere. I could choose, but for 35 years, Pamela has been my one want. She drives me crazy, but in a good way. She motivates me. I look out for her and treat her right, ” Peters said to the media source.

Jon is the original “bad guy” of Hollywood—no one compares—and I love him sincerely like family, Pamela declared in a poem. Then, the couple parted ways 12 days later. According to the Los Angeles Times, their marriage license was never officially recognized, which made the divorce straightforward and swift.

Pamela Confirmed Her Separation From Her Fifth Spouse In January 2022

According to People, Pamela married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst on Christmas Eve 2020. Prior to their breakup in 2022, they dated for almost a year.

I believe they connected on a deep level. A source told People. But their relationship broke down.

Over The Years, Who Else Has Pamela Dated?

Over the past few decades, Pamela has been pursued by a large list of men. She purportedly got engaged to Marcus Schenkenberg from Dancing with the Stars between 2000 and 2001, and in 2017 she dated soccer player Adil Rami.

However, Rami and Pamela split up in 2019 after she claimed he was “leading a parallel life” on Instagram (he has denied this claim). Read next about whether Pamela is currently wed or d@ting someone.

Is Pamela Now Married?

No, Pamela is not wed or d@ting anyone right now. However, according to IMDb, she has been very busy filming her documentary and acting in movies.

Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To
Who Is Pamela Anderson Married To

Pamela also seemed content to be single. She currently resides with her five dogs on the former farm of her grandparents on Vancouver Island. She told People, “I live a more romantic life now that I’m alone than I did in relationships.” “I turn on my music and light my candles. I have my piano, and I’m sure it would be nice if I knew someone else who shared that desire, but I’ve never met them. Usually, it’s about accommod@ting them, but there must be a balance.

On January 31, Pamela, A Love Story was released on Netflix.


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