Who Is The Killer In You Season 4? The Identity Of The Eat The Rich Killer Revealed

If you are in search of Who Is The Killer In You Season 4, then you are at the right place to know it: The fourth season of You has officially aired, and although serial killer Joe Goldberg is still on the loose, he is not alone. Viewers have followed Penn Badgley’s Joe throughout the first three seasons of the show. Joe is a stalker and killer who is fixated on different women and kills anyone who gets in his way, including the women themselves.

In the wake of the shocking events of the third season finale, Joe moved from Paris to London, where the new episodes of You are set.

While posing as a literature professor named Jonathan Moore, Joe, who is attempting to move over his past, befriends his coworker Malcolm, Kate, Malcolm’s fiancée, and their group of Oxford University-educated friends. After a particularly wild night of drinking, Joe assumes he had turned back into his old self and killed Malcolm, and he disposes of the body on his kitchen table.

who Is The Killer In You Season 4
who Is The Killer In You Season 4

But soon after, Joe begins receiving mysterious emails from someone who claims to know everything about him, including his past deeds. As more members of Malcolm and Kate’s social circle go missing, the news media speculates that a serial killer known as the Eat the Rich Killer is still at large.

Who Is The Killer In You Season 4?

At first glance, Joe’s new friends appeared to be a likely suspect, but in the end, it was determined that Rhys Montrose, played by Ed Speleers, was the murderer. When Joe is on vacation in the country and Roald nearly kills him in the woods, Rhys, a close friend of Kate’s who is also a writer and an aspiring politician, confesses to Joe about his murderous tendencies.

Ben Wiggins plays Roald, who thinks Joe is the Eat the Rich Killer and sets out on his own to get him. Before he can do anything, however, Rhys knocks both of them unconscious and imprisons them in a cellar below the house where Kate, Lady Phoebe, and the rest of the gang are staying.

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Rhys advises Joe that if he murders Roald and makes it appear as though he committed suicide, they would blame him for all of the killings, which at this point also include the murders of Malcolm, Simon, and Gemma. He plans to set the cellar on fire after understanding that Joe doesn’t want to participate in his scheme while Joe and Roald are still imprisoned inside.

who Is The Killer In You Season 4
who Is The Killer In You Season 4

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You’ve read that the legendary murderer everyone is talking about is Rhys Montrose. The character of Rhys has previously been played by Ed Speleers. He receives a lot of accolades for his work on the program and is universally lauded for his portrayal of the role.

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