Who Killed Andy The Goose? Is Andy’s Killer Was Caught Or Not!

Here we know about In Who Killed Andy The Goose. Is Andy the Goose killer caught or not? Andy couldn’t walk or swim normally like other geese since he was born with deformed feet. Gene Fleming, his caretaker and a local maker and inventor, made custom shoes for him.

In 1989, after Andy appeared on “The Tonight Show” and was featured in People, his stardom was secured. He continued to make hundreds of appearances, always to the joy of students but notably those with special needs for whom he served as an inspiration.

Andy was abducted and murdered in October of 1991, a horrific event. His signature boots were still on his feet when he was discovered dead, but his head and wings were gone. It looked like he’d fractured his neck.

Who Killed Andy The Goose?

Advice and recommendations flooded the sheriff’s office. One possible suspect was an ex-employee angry with Fleming for whatever reason. As a result of the dismemberment, some people even suspected a demonic cult. Fans of Andy donated $10,000 as a reward, but Andy’s killer was never caught. 

Killed Andy The Goose
Killed Andy The Goose

One proposed use for the funds was to pay for the construction of an Andy statue for a park or playground. Other people thought it could be used more effectively elsewhere. The Chamber of Commerce in Hastings has requested permission to solicit concept designs for a fitting monument from attendees of the city’s annual art festival. A local bank continues to hold the reward funds.

 Prior to Gene Fleming’s death in 2000, Jan and Ed Fowler of Holdrege, Nebraska, donated a massive black granite monument to honor Andy’s resting place on the former Fleming farm east of Hastings. It features Andy’s sandblasted likeness, a brief biography, and a list of his media credits (including Reader’s Digest, People, and the Johnny Carson Show).

Andy was abducted on October 19, 1991, and was later located in a park in his neighborhood. Before the phone call asking, “Is Andy Ok?” the Flemmings had no idea he was missing. Those who discovered poor Goose in the park immediately recognized his infamous footwear. He had both his head and wings cut off.

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Even though the killer has not yet been discovered.

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