Who Won The Chicago Mayor Election: Who Got The Highest Votes?

Who won the Chicago mayor election? March 1, 2023, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her re-election bid, and two of her opponents will face each other in a runoff on April 4. She became the city’s first Black and openly gay mayor in 2019.

She tried to become Chicago mayor for a second term, but her crisis management drew criticism. The coronavirus pandemic, racial justice protests, teachers’ strikes, and other crimes plagued Chicago. In 2021, Chicago had 800 murders and other crimes, the most in its history.

Chicago just held a mayoral election, but it’s likely going to take a few weeks and another election to determine a victor. There were nine hopefuls running for mayor of Chicago. One such politician is Lori Lightfoot, who was elected mayor in 2019 and is now running for a second term. A candidate needs more than half of the vote to be elected mayor.

Kyle Morris Tweet About the Election from his official Twitter handle. You can see the tweet below.

Due to the high number of candidates, a runoff between the top two is likely to take place on April 4, 2023. Chicago’s mayoral race is a Democratic stronghold, but the city’s election for mayor is officially nonpartisan and not considered or called a primary.

Chicago mayoral Election Result 2023?

Paul Vallas, a former superintendent of public schools in Chicago and Philadelphia, has taken the lead in the race for mayor after receiving 33.8% of the vote with 91% of precincts having reported their results. This puts him in the lead position.

He had also challenged Lori for the position of mayor of Chicago in 2019. Lightfoot received only 17.1% of the total votes cast, while Brandon Johnson, a Cook County commissioner and an organizer for the CTU, won the other spot in the runoff race. Johnson is an organizer for the CTU.

Candidate Name Votes Percentage
Paul Vallas 172,093 33.8%
Brandon Johnson 103,387 20.3%
Lori Lightfoot 86,952 17.1%
Other candidates 147,124 28.9%

The most important questions facing candidates for mayor of Chicago in 2023

  • During the pandemic, violent crime increased in Chicago, as it did in many other places. According to the Chicago Police Department, the city recorded approximately 800 murders in 2021. This has made public safety the primary concern in Chicago. That was the highest number recorded up to this point.
  • And while the number of homicides has gone down since then, and while Chicago’s rate of homicides per capita is lower than that of other Midwestern cities such as St. Louis, other crimes such as robberies are still on the rise, and they are occurring in areas where they previously did not, such as downtown.
  • Voters in Chicago are concerned not only about the rising cost of living, which includes increased property taxes, but also about the lack of affordable housing, jobs, and educational opportunities.

The defeat of Lightfoot a campaign for reelection

The voters of Chicago were unhappy with how Mayor Lori Lightfoot handled the city’s ongoing issues with crime and policing, and this resulted in her losing her bid for a second term as the city’s chief executive.

In the mayoral election that took place 4 years ago, she made history by becoming the first openly gay Black woman to be elected mayor of the city. She also won every single one of the city’s 50 wards.

The defeat of Lightfoot a campaign for reelection
The defeat of Lightfoot a campaign for reelection

In 2019, she successfully ran for the office of mayor on the platform of putting an end to corruption and lowering the rate of crime in the city. Her adversaries have blamed Lightfoot for the rise in criminal activity that occurred in the city during the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Lightfoot’s failure to win re-election makes him the first incumbent mayor of Chicago since 1983 to fail to do so.

According to sssamiti.org in order to determine who will serve as the next mayor of Chicago city, a runoff between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson has been scheduled. Paul Vallas served as the chief executive officer of a school in the past, and Brandon Johnson is currently a commissioner for Cook County. On April 4, 2023, the second round of voting for the mayoral election in Chicago would take place.

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