Why Are So Many People Moving Away From Illinois?

The 30-year-old Jones said, “There’s lots of amazing Ethiopian food, Nigerian food, Chinese food, and Vietnamese food.” “In my opinion, Chicago has the best food in the country.” Also, you may discover delicious meals at various pricing points.

Jones, who spent eight years in Chicago, relocated to Los Angeles in March of last year after changing careers to pursue screenwriting.

I didn’t want to have to move to Los Angeles with three days’ notice if I got a job on another program, Jones remarked.

Why Are So Many People Moving Away From Illinois?
Why Are So Many People Moving Away From Illinois?

Jones joined the thousands of people who annually flee the state when she fled Chicago. Illinois was ranked as the second most popular state by United Van Lines and U-Haul, two significant moving businesses to move out of last year. The same was true in 2021.

64% of the Illinois residents who used United Van Lines were relocating out of the state. A work change accounted for almost 30% of the reasons given for leaving, followed by a general lifestyle change (30%) and retirement (25%).

Between the most recent two censuses, almost 141,500 residents relocated from Illinois to other states.

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The state’s population increased by nearly 250,000 between 2010 and 2020 as a result of births and immigration, but the growth would have been stronger if so many inhabitants hadn’t migrated out, according to Lincoln Quillian, a sociology professor at Northwestern.

According to Quillian, people frequently relocate within the United States for financial reasons. Along with individual job shifts, larger groups of individuals might swarm to a location with a higher concentration of a certain employment type.

In Jones’ case, who had been blissfully active in Chicago’s indie film community before deciding to pursue a writing career, this was the situation. The majority of writers’ rooms in the industry are headquartered in Los Angeles, despite the fact that many television programs and online series are produced in Chicago, according to Jones.

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Individuals must strike a balance between the requirement to live close to their place of employment and the need to choose a place that they can afford and, ideally, is close to the amenities they desire, according to Quillian. Trying to strike a balance between those different things.”

According to Quillian, preferences for other factors in a region, such as pleasant weather, proximity to water, or family ties, are viewed as secondary. But many people who decide to move still value them.

According to Quillian, leaving a city can involve more of a lifestyle change than leaving a state. In contrast to the higher cost of living in cities, suburban or rural areas frequently necessitate an automobile.
Jones, a migrant from LA, decided to buy a car a month after relocating as expensive Uber and Lyft bills started to appear more frequently.

Similar issues arise for those who relocate to another state or a nearby suburb after leaving Chicago.

According to the U.S. Census data, Illinois lost population between 2020 and 2022 at a rate that was around 3.5 times that of Michigan and Missouri and 1.5 times that of Indiana.

According to University of New Hampshire professor and demographer Kenneth Johnson, the Chicago area draws persons in their 20s and repels those in their early 30s.

Three types of population change can occur in a city or state, according to Johnson. Humans travel within a country or between countries, are born, and die.

According to Johnson, the population of the Chicago metropolitan area is increasing due to births and immigration, but not quickly enough to offset emigration.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that since the last count, about 31,500 people have relocated to Illinois from other countries.

According to Johnson, younger adults frequently go to Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia while older adults typically depart Chicago for warmer climates like Florida and Arizona.

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According to Johnson, demographers anticipate that trends in remote employment will continue to have a significant impact on demographic patterns across the nation.

People must go back to work, Johnson added. They might not be as flexible about where they reside as they would be if they were still able to work from home.

Jones has been well-treated by California in her post-Chicago era. Before selling multiple TV show concepts, she quickly made acquaintances in her field and through “a red wedding of show cancellations.”

Yet, according to Jones, Chicago continues to be her home city. She longs for seasons, the CTA, and quality experimental theatre.

Jones said, “The weather is so consistent here in LA that I almost feel like I can’t tell the time.”

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