Why Did Murdaugh Kill His Wife And Son? The Reason Behind The Crime

On March 2, disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of the brutal murders of Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh and Paul Murdaugh on the family’s 1,700-acre South Carolina estate.

During a riveting six-week trial, the “emotional” trial lawyer even took the stand in an attempt to persuade the jury that he did not murder his wife and youngest son on June 7, 2021.

The scion of a well-known legal family now faces 30 years to life in prison without the possibility of parole for each murder charge. The court will reconvene for sentencing on Friday.

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What  Motivated Alex Murdaugh TO Murder His Family?

Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, were killed at the dog kennels on the family’s Colleton County hunting estate. Murdaugh’s wife was shot with a rifle four or five times, and his son was shot twice with a shotgun.

Despite the fact that no murder weapon had been recovered and no physical evidence linked Murdaugh to the case, he was charged in July 2022 with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

When Murdaugh reported finding their bodies, he claimed to have been napping in the house at the time of their deaths, according to police.

Why Did Murdaugh Kill His Wife And Son? The Reason Behind The Crime
Why Did Murdaugh Kill His Wife And Son? The Reason Behind The Crime

Prosecutors claimed that three voices could be heard in video footage taken by Paul in the dog kennels minutes before his death and presented as evidence were Murdaugh, his wife, and his son.

Murdaugh admitted lying to authorities about not being at the dog kennels when he testified at his trial. He claimed to have been there with his wife and son but had left to retrieve a chicken from a Labrador named Bubba.

During his trial period, people were raising questions. Some of them posted on Twitter. Here’s a Tweet related to the matter.

Murdaugh insisted on his innocence, saying: “I did not murder Maggie, nor did I murder Paul. I would never, ever hurt Maggie, and I would never, ever hurt Paul, under any circumstances.” Prosecutors claimed Murdaugh committed the murders to distract himself from financial problems.

Jurors were told that Murdaugh was afraid his crimes would be exposed, so he murdered his wife and son to gain sympathy. Prosecutors claimed Murdaugh believed the delay would allow him to cover his tracks.

The jury also heard how Maggie and Paul were aware of the lawyer’s 20-year opioid addiction, which cost him thousands of dollars per week to support. Evidence presented included Murdaugh’s youngest son confronting his father about finding drugs.

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Murdaugh eventually admitted to stealing millions of dollars from his family firm and clients over the course of several years. He was barred from practicing law in South Carolina and faces more than 100 other charges for alleged financial crimes, including insurance fraud and tax evasion, as of December 2022.

The former lawyer even attempted to fake his own death in September 2021 in order for his surviving son Buster to benefit from a $10 million life insurance policy. When the jury’s guilty verdicts were announced, the defense requested a mistrial, but Judge Clifton Newman denied this request, saying “the evidence of guilt is overwhelming.”

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