Why Is Thanks Pfizer Trending…Do Covid vaccines cause side-effects?

Why Is Thanks Pfizer Trending? Pfizer Inc. is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with its main office in Manhattan, New York City, on 42nd Street. Charles Pfizer (1824–1906) and his cousin Charles F. Erhart, two German entrepreneurs, founded the business in New York in 1849. (1821–1891).

For the fields of immunology, cancer, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology, Pfizer develops and produces pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Each of the company’s top-selling medicines or goods brings in more than $1 billion in annual sales. 52% of the company’s revenues came from the United States in 2020, compared to 6% from China and 6% from Japan, and 36% from other nations.

From 2004 until 2020, Pfizer was a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index and the company is ranked 64 On the Fortune 500 and 49th on the Forbes Global 2000. Now we are reading about the reason for Thanks Pfizer Trending.

Why Is Thanks Pfizer Trending?

This past weekend, a resurrected video of a US woman appearing to claim that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has caused her legs to shake violently and uncontrollably went popular on Twitter, with many making fun of the American’s claim.

Why Is Thanks Pfizer Trending
Why Is Thanks Pfizer Trending

User Angelia Desselle submitted the video of her legs and feet shaking while sitting on the couch last year with the comment “thanks, Pfizer.” Desselle describes herself as an “advocate for the [vaccine] injured.”

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Fortunately, Twitter’s new Community Notes feature has seen a number of anonymous users provide links to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a page on their website listing side effects of vaccines where neither spasms nor tremors are listed.

According to the NHS in the UK, the majority of side effects, such as painful arms, fatigue, headaches, and vomiting, are minor and shouldn’t last more than a week. Some “very unusual side effects” of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination, not the Pfizer vaccine, include allergic responses or blood clotting in a tiny number of recipients.

Some Twitter users pointed out the handheld video was almost perfectly still, in spite of all the spasming on the lower half of her body, which called into question the veracity of Ms. Desselle’s assertions.

However, Twitter is such that while some chose to provide a more accurate critique of Ms. Desselle’s odd film, others chose to ruthlessly parody it with clips of their own while using the same “Thanks, Pfizer” strapline. Stay reading on the page to know Covid-19 side effects.

Do Covid vaccines cause side effects?

According to the NHS, adverse effects from Covid-19 vaccinations are possible but normally minor and don’t last for more than a week.

The frequently include:

  • A sore arm from the injection;
  • Feeling tired;
  • A headache;
  • Feeling achy;
  • Feeling or being sick.
    Serious adverse effects, such as allergic responses or blood clotting, are reportedly quite rare. According to the NHS, experiencing tremors is not a side effect of the Covid vaccination that has been recorded.

Convulsions, tremors, or trembling have not been linked to the vaccine’s negative effects by medical professionals.

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