Why Kai Was Banned? What Is The Real Reason Behind It?

Fans have been guessing about Kai Cenat’s Twitch suspension since it was announced on April 17. Some viewers even believed the streamer will switch to Kick, another streaming service. Another theory put forth was that Kai’s dirt bike colliding with his setup may have been the cause of the ban.

The Reason Behind Kai Cenat Getting Banned

According to sources, Kai Cenat’s actual expulsion from Twitch was brought on by his “repeated explicit simulated s*xual activity in GTA.” The streamer will eventually return to the platform, and it is also said that the ban is only temporary. Kai’s channel features a wide range of entertainment.

Why Kai Was Banned
Why Kai Was Banned

The streaming service Twitch prohibits the use of s*xually suggestive content, according to its Community Guidelines. The message that appears when you try to access his channel states, “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”


The statement states, “S*xually suggestive content is forbidden on Twitch to ensure that content is appropriate for various audiences. Evaluations of a behavior or activity’s s*xual suggestiveness are not focused on the user’s clothing, but rather on the context and framing of the surrounding environment. One of the many streamers banned from the site for the same offense is Cenat. Aydan, Clix, and even Adin Ross are included in the list of streamers.

Will Kai Cenat Switch To Kick?

Kai Cenat unexpectedly received a PR package during the show on April 14, which sparked rumors that he might switch to the Kick streaming service. His attention was drawn to an enigmatic package. There was a box bearing the Kick logo. Kai said as he opened the box, “You’re lying. What is happening? You are a liar.


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When Kai realized what was inside the box, he also noticed the Nike emblem there and said, “These n***as are petty. These n***as are small-minded, he said again. What the f**k, Kick x Kai? You haven’t signed me yet.

Why Kai Was Banned
Why Kai Was Banned

What does this reveal? A specially made pair of Nike x OffWhite Air Force 1s served as Kick’s gift to Kai. Because of this occurrence, many are speculating that the record-breaking streamer would soon switch from Twitch to Kick.

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