Will Mail Delivered On Presidents Day 2023?

Please be advised that any products or mail you may have been anticipating arriving early next week won’t be arriving on Monday. On Monday, February 20, in commemoration of Presidents Day, the U.S. Postal Service will be closed for mail delivery.

The USPS’s Priority Mail Express, which is delivered “every day, all year,” may deliver mail to individuals who were expecting it on Monday even though regular mail won’t. There are, according to USPS, a few specific exclusions.

Tuesday, February 21 should see a return to regular mail delivery.

Will Mail Delivered On Presidents Day 2023?
Will Mail Delivered On Presidents Day 2023?

The following holiday that will have an impact on your USPS mail delivery is Memorial Day, which is on May 29. After Presidents Day, the service will respect eight further holidays. The complete list is available at Postal holidays and events.

Presidents Day is not on the list of paid holidays for deliverers, despite the fact that Amazon’s observed holidays occasionally coincide with those of the USPS. Presidents Day shouldn’t have an impact on packages being delivered by the online retailer, according to Amazon.

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While UPS warns that some deliveries would take an additional business day’s travel time owing to USPS being closed, the company still maintains pickup and delivery services will be accessible on Monday, Feb. 20.

Moreover, UPS Store locations will be open. Regular ground delivery will continue as usual, but there will be changes to the service for FedEx Express and Ground Economy, according to FedEx.

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