Will There Be A Season 4 Of Outer Banks?

Season three of Outer Banks has arrived, but if you’ve already binge-watched the first ten episodes (which you most likely have because you’re here), you’re probably wondering when you’ll get more.

There’s no need to wait months for news of a season four renewal: Outer Banks has already been approved for another season! In fact, the show was picked up before the season three premiere. Of course, Outer Banks fans will already be aware of this, as the cast announced the good news during the Outer Banks music festival Poguelandia in Huntington Beach, California.

In a statement, co-creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke paid tribute to the fans, saying: “It was nothing short of amazing to see Poguelandia come to life. The Pogues are having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and we now get to plan more twists and turns as the ride continues into season four of Outer Banks.

Thank you to Netflix, our cast, and the incredible fans who made this possible.” The only question now is when season four will be released. So far, here’s what we know.

Outer Banks Season 4 Premiere Date: When Will It Air?

Naturally, a release date cannot be confirmed at this time. But, if we had to guess, we’d say a summer 2024 release doesn’t seem out of the question. Season one was released on April 15, 2020, with a second season following in December 2021.

Outer Banks Tweeted about the release of the series from their official Twitter handle. You can see the Tweet below.

The long period between the second and third seasons is most likely due to pandemic-related delays. However, if everything goes as planned, we can expect season four to arrive much sooner.

Outer Banks Season 4 Cast: Who Will Return?

According to the final scenes of the episode, John B and Sarah have a new mission. So Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline will almost certainly reprise their roles.

We would also expect the following to return:

  • JJ is played by Rudy Pankow.
  • Kiara is played by Madison Bailey (Kie)
  • Carlacia Grant as Cleo Jonathan Daviss as Pope

Big John (Charles Halford), despite taking this long to find, will not be returning for another season. Big John and Ward were both killed off in the finale, their bones resting somewhere in the rainforest, so we bid farewell to the slightly redeemable Ward and the actor who played him, Charles Esten. Keep reading to know about the possible story of outer banks season 4.

What will happen in Outer Banks season 4?

You can count on a lot of absolute lunacy. It’s true that the search for El Dorado’s gold is over, and the matter of John B’s father has been put to rest (RIP Big John). But that doesn’t mean the adventure has come to an end.

Despite the fact that Sarah and John B appear to be content with their surf shop in the final moments of the finale, there is clearly something brewing on the horizon. When a stranger arrives, he brings with him a manuscript detailing Blackbeard the pirate’s captain’s log.

Instead of declining and sending him on his way with a ‘no thanks, that’s enough questing for me’ attitude, John B smirks. And we all know what that means: He’s on his way to a tumultuous journey, and he’ll no doubt drag the others along with him.

Will There Be A Season 4 Of Outer Banks?
Will There Be A Season 4 Of Outer Banks?

Rafe may have been absent from the season four finale action, but the events that transpired could see him return to his villainous ways, with Ward’s death serving as the likely trigger. He told the Pogues to keep his father safe, but instead, he wound up bullet-ridden. This will be difficult for him to accept after finally gaining Ward’s respect and, as a result, the keys to the empire.

It’s not out of the question that he’s out for vengeance on the Pogues, and that an alliance with Topper is on the cards. The Pogues had better keep an eye on their backs because Blackbeard’s treasure isn’t the only thing causing trouble in season four.

While the creators remain tight-lipped about the plot show’s future, they have shared some good news about their plans. Co-creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke revealed their hopes for more than four seasons in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m not sure I could put a real number on it right now,” Josh admitted. “The length of time it takes to reach that conclusion may change, but we now know the shape of the story’s conclusion. We’ll definitely take it for as long as we can.”

“We’ll be on Mars in season 17,” Jonas added. He may be joking, but we’ll believe him.

Conclusion: According to digitalspy.com There has still been no official announcement from Netflix regarding the release of Outer Banks season 4 as of my current date of March 2023. It’s possible that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused production delays, but fans can stay tuned for updates from Netflix or the show’s creators. Finally, the release date for Outer Banks seasons 4 is currently unknown.

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