You Season 4 Part 2: Why Does Love Return To The Series?

Now, Joe Goldberg has done it once more: killed a number of people, blamed others for his crimes, and then continued to enjoy a wealthy life with a wealthy white woman with no consequences at all. Netflix ultimately released Season 4 Part Two on March 9 a month after the first installment, and as usual, Goldberg’s story was neatly and efficiently wrapped up.

The first half of the season left off with Joe, played by Penn Badgley, learning that Rhys Montrose was the “Eat The Rich” killer and becoming obsessed with catching him. By the end of the season, it no longer seems as though Goldberg has turned the corner and is prepared to atone for his misdeeds. He immediately reverts to his old behaviors in order to take Kate’s side.

Unlike previous seasons, this one began with a new focus: someone’s fixation with Joe as he moves through a small group of wealthy acquaintances in London, rather than Joe’s homicidal obsession with a woman he’d just met. At least initially, it’s a pleasant change from the show’s formula.

Yet by the end of the next five episodes, he has remained a serial killer who is obsessed with defending the lady he loves and narrowly avoiding capture. This is all the information you need to know about You’s Season 4, Part 2 conclusion.

What Happened In Season 4 Part One?

The season began where Season 3 left off, to briefly summarise the events of Part One. After Joe faked his own death in Los Angeles, he surrendered his son Henry to their neighbors, blamed it on Love (both literally and figuratively), and fled to France in quest of Marienne, his one true love (this time for real). He traveled to London and accepted a position as a professor at a university where he taught literature, which was appropriate considering his love of reading.

You Season 4 Part 2
You Season 4 Part 2

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At a party, Goldberg, now going by the name Jonathan Moore, makes friends with a group of socialites that includes his neighbors Malcolm and Kate and their pals. Lady Phoebe Borehall-Braxworth, Adam Pratt, Blessing Bosede, Simon and Sophie Soo, Roald Walker-Burton, Gemma Graham-Greene, Connie (no last name provided), and Rhys Montrose are among the group.

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In reality, Joe was the one who abducted Marienne, drugged her, and placed her in the box, as evidenced by episode eight. Nadia has an obsession with liberating Marienne despite the fact that she is aware that it is impossible.Ā  At the end of the episode, as Nadia explains Marienne’s plan, Goldberg can be seen heading towards the basement entrance as he tries to retrace his steps to determine where he deposited Marienne.

What Happens In You Season 4 Part 2?

Viewers see Goldberg researching Montrose to no end in an effort to wriggle off his tail. He utilizes a lady phoebe-obsessed woman in episode six to pass for the “Eat The Rich” killer because he was one of the top suspects among the elite buddy group. Nadia, one of his university literature students, develops mistrust of him at the end of the story.

In the seventh episode, Montrose tells Goldberg that he must assassinate Tom Lockwood, who is characterized as being the most powerful person in the world and is a hybrid of Bill Gates and Elon Musk. If Joe carries out the plan, Montrose agrees to leave him alone. Marianne has also been abducted by Montrose, who won’t let him know where she is.

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Goldberg makes an effort to kill Lockwood, but after being involved in a scandal, Lockwood tells Joe where Montrose is hiding. To discover where Montrose is keeping Marienne, Joe goes there, finds him, and strangles him. Joe ties him to a chair and strangles him while demanding, “Where is Marianne?” but Montrose replies, “I don’t know.”

Adam Pratt, played by Lukas Gage, was killed by Lockwood in episode nine because he was bothering Kate and Lady Phoebe too much. Then Joe finds Marianne, but he can’t let her go until he makes a few last-minute arrangements to protect his own interests. To get her out, Nadia and Marienne come up with a complex strategy.

Why Does Love Return In Season 4?

Goldberg’s dead ex Love Quinn isn’t the only one to return for Season 4. In the ninth episode, Joe experiences a psychotic break and imagines various situations involving the ex-wives he’s murdered, including Quinn from Seasons 2 and 3 and Season 1’s Guinevere Beck (played by Elizabeth Lail) (played by Victoria Pedretti).

You Season 4 Part 2
You Season 4 Part 2

Love is reading Rhys’ book in the same box that Marienne and each of his ex-girlfriends spent some time in. All of this makes him come to the notion that he must commit himself in order to end the cycle of harming women.

How Did Part You Season 4 Part 2 End?

Goldberg discovers Marienne in the glass box, unconscious, holding an empty medicine bottle. Thinking she is dead, he takes her out and places her on a bench in the park. While working together to set Marienne free, viewers get to see Nadia and Edward develop closer (although under unusual circumstances).

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After killing Lockwood, Joe intends to commit himself by jumping off a bridge, but he manages to survive when the police arrive in time to save him. This is after an intense chat with the ghostly Montrose.

Nadia informs Edward about their plan(s), which culminated in Nadia visiting Marianne at the park after Joe left her off there and providing her with medication to counteract the effects of the wake-up medication she had taken. She left London, possibly in search of her daughter.

Will Season 5 Be Released?

Netflix has not yet made any declarations regarding a fifth season.

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