YouTuber Thick44 Of NeebsGaming Passes Away Following A Cancer Battle

Tony Schnur, also known online as Thick44 of Neebs Gaming, lost his battle with cancer and passed away.

Tony Schnur, often known as Thick44, was a well-known gamer who was battling cancer. In a post from June 2022 on Instagram, Tony detailed his experience with cancer, including his struggle with a brain tumor. He also expressed his thankfulness to the community that had aided him during his initial recovery.

The joy, however, was short-lived for followers of Thick44 because Neebs Gaming later revealed in 2022 that his cancer had returned, necessitating a second surgery.

Here is the video for Youtuber Happing, go for it:

Tony Schnur, better known as Thick44 with Neebs Gaming, died on February 13 after a protracted fight with cancer. The 47-year-old YouTuber’s Glioblastoma (brain tumor) was first made public in 2021.

Later, the tumor was surgically removed. After a successful surgery to remove his brain tumor, Thick44 was able to heal and gave his followers updates on Instagram in 2022 about how his life was going.

“I had a malignant tumor removed from my brain one year ago today. After my operation, I can still clearly recall waking up to a voice asking, “Are you ready to play again?” I immediately said, “Yes.” I’ve been incredibly lucky to have such a strong support network around me to help me get through this, he stated at the time on Instagram.

YouTuber Thick44 Of NeebsGaming Passes Away Following A Cancer Battle
YouTuber Thick44 Of NeebsGaming Passes Away Following A Cancer Battle

But regrettably, the brain tumor came back, and in a Neebs Gaming YouTube video, Thick44 advised followers of the next measures. High-dose targeted radiation treatment and eventual surgery were recommended for him.

Fans had reason to be optimistic at the moment because a Neebs Gaming video update said the gamer is now recovering and that the second surgery went well as well.

Here is the other celebrity cancer update:

But the valiant struggle of Thick44 came to an end just in time for Valentine’s Day, as Neebs Gaming broke the devastating news on their official Instagram and pleaded with followers to send healing energies to Schnur’s family.

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